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Join the World's Top Financial Independence Experts as they reveal  strategies for lowering your expenses, creating passive income, and achieving Financial Freedom!

What You Will Learn

PILLAR 1: Master the Core Principles of Money to Get Your Money Working for You Today

Learn the Financial Fundamentals no one ever taught you in school.

You'll learn to set healthy financial goals, crush your debt, and spend and invest wisely.

PILLAR 2: How Money can Enhance Your Most Important Relationships, not Destroy Them

Learn how to stop money from tearing apart your intimate relationships, how to teach your kids about money, and what you need to know when a parent's age and condition requires you to step in and look after their finances.

PILLAR 3: Become at Home with Money by Leveraging the Four-fold Power of Real Estate

Smart Real Estate decisions can reduce your cost of living, reduce your taxes, create passive income, and build your net worth. 

Learn what you need to know to make this biggest of financial triggers work in your favor.

PILLAR 4: Don't Fear the Tax Man | How to Keep More of What you Make

As the old adage goes, "there are two things no one can escape: Death and Taxes."

Yet, many of the wealthiest people in the world pay virtually nothing in taxes. Once you understand how the system works, you too can make the tax code work in your favor. 

BONUS SESSIONS: Ninja Tactics and Hard Core Strategies for Financial Growth

WARNING: The techniques taught here are not for the faint of heart!

If you're looking for simple plug-and-play strategies, you won't find them here. But if you're looking for advanced tips and tricks that will pour gasoline on your investment strategies, this is for you.


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Featured Expert Masterclass Sessions

Pillar 1: Master Financial Fundamentals

JL Collins
Author, The Simple Path to Wealth

Don't Lose Your Shirt: A Smarter Way to Play the Stock Market

The very best analysts in the world struggle to predict the inevitable twists and turns of the stock market, even with millions of dollars invested in research. How is the average investor to compete?

JL Collins, in his best-selling book, The Simple Path to Wealth, outlines the smarter way to make money on the stock market. It's the same strategy that Warren Buffet has instructed his heirs to follow after he dies.

Joe Saul-Sehy
Host, Stacking Benjamins Podcast

Financial Pitfalls, Hacks, and Gamification

Joe is a former Financial Advisor and the host of The Stacking Benjamins Show, rated the #1 Finance Podcast by Kiplinger, so the man knows a thing or two about finance.

Joe teaches you the pitfalls to avoid when working with financial professionals so you don't get ripped off. He shares his best finance hacks to help you accelerate your journey to financial freedom. And because Joe is all about games and having fun, he gives you his tips for enjoying the whole process.

Doc Green
Host, The Earn and Invest Podcast

Financial Independence is not One-Size-Fits-All. Which of these Three Paths is Best for You?

How long should financial independence take? That's an impossible question to answer without knowing the greater context of your life and your personal goals and vision.

Doc Green, the host of The Earn and Invest Podcast, helps you clarify if Financial Independence is for you, and if so, how to get on the path that works best with your personal vision for your life.

Bernadette Joy
Crush Your Money Goals

How to Crush Your Debt

Bernadette Joy paid off $72,000 of educational debt plus a mortgage in only 22 months!

Bernadette shares her top tools and techniques for getting debt free in a hurry.

What's better, the famous Debt Snowball technique or the Debt Avalanche? Should you be engaged in a side hustle? What about credit cards? Bernadette shares it all in this epic session.

Kelly Gagnon
Eff the Joneses

Eff the Joneses: Tips for Frugal Living

Kelly Gagnon has made it her goal to Life Hack her way to Financial Independence, in heels!

Learn her strategies for cutting expenses without cutting your quality of life.

Pillar 2: Is Love All You Need?

Andy Hill
Host, Marriage, Kids, and Money Podcast

Harmony, not Strife: How to get on the same Financial Path as your Spouse 

Money may be one of the top causes of divorce, but that doesn't mean it's lack of money that causes divorce. To the contrary, money is listed as a top cause of marital difficulties in the in wealthy homes and poor homes alike.

Why should money cause fights among wealthy couples? Because they disagree over how to handle the money they have. 

Andy Hill, host of the Marriage, Kids, and Money Podcast will teach you how to ensure that money doesn't play havoc with your relationship as well.

Cameron Huddleston
Author, Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk

Are You Prepared to Manage Your Parents' Finances when They can no Longer do it Themselves?

How your parents handle their money is their business, right?

Many of us believe that, until one day, WHAM! circumstances suddenly change. Strokes and other health challenges can arise with zero warning, requiring adult children to step in and take control. But without the proper preparation, you might find yourself with long, expensive legal proceedings just to be access your parents money for their own care. Before disaster strikes, take these steps to protect yourself and your parents.

John Lanza
Author, The Art of Allowance

Are you Raising Money-Smart Kids?

So many financial problems can be traced back to childhood, to the lessons about money we absorbed as kids.

So how do we make sure we're raising our own kids with healthy money habits and attitudes?

John Lanza, author of The Art of Allowance, explains the critical lessons we need to teach our kids about money and the tactics to make the lessons stick.

Chana Mason
Author, The Cash Machine

Your Relationship with Money and How to Build an Empowered Money Mindset

If you're holding disempowering beliefs about money, you can have the greatest financial strategies in the world, and you probably won't implement them.

In addition to co-authoring The Cash Machine, Chana has written multiple books on mindset and runs courses on gaining mastery over your thoughts. Chana will teach you the key triggers for releasing disempowering money thoughts and create a healthy mindset for building wealth.

Pillar 3: The Four-Fold Power of Real Estate

Scott Trench
CEO, BiggerPockets

Critical Considerations Before You Invest in Real Estate

With over a million users, BiggerPockets is the premier online forum for real estate investing. So who better than BiggerPockets CEO Scott Trench to help us understand the critical considerations to weigh when deciding to invest in real estate?

Should you become a real estate investor? If so, where you should you invest? How do you decide if a deal is right for you? What percent of your portfolio should be allocated to real estate? Scott helps us make sense of all of these questions and quite a few more.

Craig Curelop
Author, The House Hacking Strategy

House Hacking: The Real Estate Strategy that can Erase Your Housing Costs and Build Equity at the Same Time

How would you like to buy a $400,000 house with less than a $15,000 downpayment, and never have to take another penny out of your pocket for mortgage payments?

It sounds fanciful, but there's a loophole in US Real Estate Policies (and many other countries have it as well) that allows you to do exactly that. Warning: The House Hacking technique is only recommended for those who want to live for free, get real estate tax benefits, and build equity at the same time. 

Zeona McIntyre
AirBNB Maven

Supercharge your Real Estate investments with Short-Term Rentals

Zeona McIntyre went from being a college student to Financially Independent in only two years by leveraging the power of short-term rentals. 

Powerful as AirBNB can be as a way to generate revenue from rental properties, the rules for short-term rentals differ drastically from those for long-term. Zeona shares her best tips for AirBNB profits, the very ones that she uses to maintain profitable properties around the world.

Kris Haskins
Author, The Real Estate Negotiating Bible

Want to buy your Real Estate at Wholesale Prices? Here are the Negotiation Techniques You Must Know.

Kris Haskins is a popular Real Estate YouTuber and Investor who teaches the insider techniques for how to purchase properties at below market value.

The author of The Real Estate Negotiating Bible and the creator of the Ninja Negotiating course, Kris teaches you the must-know techniques for finding and buying discounted properties. Whether you're looking to flip houses, build a rental portfolio, or just buy a personal residence, knowing how to buy at a discount can be a key ingredient in building your wealth.

Pillar 4: Tax Mastery, How to Keep More of What You Make

Leif Dahleen
The Physician on FIRE

Mastering Retirement Accounts:  Make Sure  You Have Money When You Need It

Is it a good idea to lock up your money until you hit retirement age?

Are the tax benefits better in a 401(k) or a ROTH IRA?

Are there any backdoors for accessing my retirement money early?

The Physician on FIRE shares an insiders approach to making your retirement accounts work with your Financial Independence timeline.

Brandon Hall
The Real Estate CPA

Grow Your Wealth Faster by Leveraging Real Estate Tax Benefits

Real estate is more than just a vehicle for making money, it's also one of the top ways to reduce taxes.

Brandon Hall, The Real Estate CPA, walks us through all the basic tax provisions all real estate investors should know, even those whose only investment is in their own homes.

Intelligently leveraging these tax codes can not only reduce your tax bill, in many cases it can eliminate it completely.

Bernard Reisz
Founder, ReSure Financial

The Tax Advantages of Owning a Business and Why You Should Consider Opening One Now

You've probably heard that owning a business can be great for taxes. But do you know about all your options for corporate structures and which one will maximize your savings for your particular business model? 

Bernard Reisz, a CPA and the founder of ReSure Financial takes us through the factors you'll want to consider when setting up a business so you can maximize the available legal and tax advantages.

Bonus: Ninja Tactics for Accelerated Growth

Yonah Weiss
Cost Segregation Expert

The A-Bomb that Detonates Tax Obligations

How did Donald Trump become a Billionaire while paying (by his own admission) ZERO in Taxes? Mostly, it was by using one tax regulation over and over again. 

Whether you love or hate Trump (there seems to be little middle ground on this point), you can use this exact same provision that he, and millions of others have used to greatly reduce or entirely erase their tax burdens.

Joanna Penn
The Creative Penn

Build Wealth Through Intellectual Property

There is a whole world of investment vehicles beyond just real estate and index funds. Joanna Penn is a bestselling author and the creator of The Creative Penn, the premier website and podcast teaching writers how to profit from their creations.

Using her own experience as a model, Joanna teaches you how to license and sell intellectual property to build a multi-channel income stream.

Mike Heroux
The Dividend Guy

Get Passive Income from the Stock Market with Dividend Investing

Picking stocks that return a steady dividend is not as simple as ranking all stocks by their dividend payments. 

Mike Heroux is better known as The Dividend Guy. Mike teaches you how to pick stocks to maximize your dividend income, now and in the future.


Meet Your Host

Dave Mason

Dave is the author of four books, including his latest, The Cash Machine: A Tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence.

Dave started researching and writing The Cash Machine upon realizing that his own financial difficulties were the result of his never becoming financially literate. 

This led Dave on a two year journey to answer questions such as: 1) What should his financial goals be? and 2) What is the most effective way to reach those goals? 

The answers he found form the backbone of The Cash Machine. Now he's thrilled to be interviewing many of the exact experts he learned from while on his own financial journey.


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A Tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence